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"A Forest of Poems for Children"

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Faith L. Hamilton Thorne - (nee Hamilton) was born in Thompson, Manitoba (just about as far north as you can get without building an igloo).   While growing up in the "North" she participated in many "Festival of Arts" contests when she was a child.   Much of her work has been adjudicated, and highly praised.

Faith has completed a Commercial Art Program, and has taken various courses in Drafting and Design techniques, but her real gift is her God given talent.

To her credit, Faith has worked as a scenic artist painting backdrops for motion pictures, produced individual portraits, illustrated people's pets, and hand painted signage for various businesses.   This artist will use just about any medium, pastels, pencil, pen, ink, paint, pencil crayons etc ..whatever it takes.. in order to create an aesthetic design.

Not only is Faith a fantastic copy artist, but she also has a vivid imagination, and the ability to create her own characters that seem to come to life, as illustrated in the book "A Forest of Poems for Children" which she has recently completed.

"A Forest of Poems for Children"  is the realization of a dream come true.

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