About the Author
"A Forest of Poems for Children"

Author Picture

Jacqueline Black (nee - Thorne) is best described by this picture.    She is a devoted mother, and loving grandmother, who often volunteers her time to care for children.  Jacqueline is also a very accomplished poet, and has been quietly published many times.    Some of her works offer solemn remembrance to fallen comrades, others, pay tribute to the hardships endured by war brides.

The publication of  "A Forest of Poems for Children"  is the realization of a dream come true.  A dream that began, seemingly, a life time ago.  A dream that lay dormant, but not forgotten in the creators mind, when she came face to face with the ultimate test of one's faith.

Sgt. W. P. Black (Bill) - loving and beloved husband, and father, was a career soldier.    Bill, was returned to the Lord - November 16, 1984 - when he met his untimely demise while on Military maneuvers.

With a resurgence of purpose, and the determination to move forward, the author offers  "A forest of Poems for Children"  as tribute in honor of Bill's Memory.

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